Family Owned. Integrity Driven.

When you work with us, you’re working with professionals who are highly experienced and deeply invested in the success of your business.

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About Our Founder

Our founder and Chief Operations Director, Ben Hilderbrand, established Advanced Resolutions with one mission in mind: to help corporations gain a competitive advantage by helping them better use, manage and secure their documents in an environmentally friendly way.

Ben knows what it takes for a company to succeed. For two decades, he led numerous projects and initiatives for large corporations in the engineering, construction, and utility industries—and gained broad knowledge in the document management areas of:

  • corporate finance
  • project management
  • purchasing
  • operations
  • accounting
  • record management

With his leadership, our document imaging and management experts are trained to quickly understand your specific needs. From honing in on the best solution to delivering on deadline—and minimizing project costs—we can help you get the vastly superior business results.

Family Owned and Operated

As a family-run, certified small business, our customer’s satisfaction is the foundation of our success. We offer attentive and personalized service that’s customized to meet your special requirements. And we adhere to industry standards and best practices to maintain a high standard of excellence.

Communication is Key

Quality and innovation starts with customer service, and customer service begins by listening.

Integrating a strong line of communication between you and the AR Team, a primary focus for AR and vital for successful execution.

Using communication, in both a personalized and electronic fashion, we move teams quickly into action. A circle of communication generated, relaying essential needs directly to the appropriate specialist who gets the job done right quickly and efficiently.  Our Operations Manager and Project Managers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Any performance contentions shall be corrected by responding with excellence. In determining what went wrong we do not focus on who, but rather what went wrong and why.

We evaluate training, equipment, time, specifications, and quality. The whole system is analyzed because we understand quality does not improve by just telling someone to work harder or more conscientiously.

Superior Background Checks and More

We understand the importance of keeping your company’s documents confidential. That’s why all of our employees undergo criminal background checks. It’s our way to ensure that our company employs individuals with the highest level of integrity. And that you can confidently entrust us with any project. Our security standards and procedures comply with ISO/IEC 27002:2005.

When we come to your office, feel comfortable about our energy usage. Our scanners are EnergyStar certified.

Just as important, Advanced Resolutions has passed security tests and has a business continuity plan in place.

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