Give Me a Ballpark Price

Have you ever thought about the cost of your documents? As with many situations in life, the correct answer is “it depends.” Use this information for a ball park range. Many of us only think about the cost of printing. Putting ink or toner on a page could cost you a few pennies or $.50 depending on what you print.

According to studies by Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Gartner it costs $75 to process a document and $20 to file one. On average each document gets copied 19 times. People spend up to 15% of their time reading information but up to 50% looking for it. About 7% of documents are lost and it costs $220 to reproduce a lost document. You can see that’s a lot of wasted time and money.

Scanning Prices

Prices will differ between the types of machinery used. Some companies use old scanning equipment and computer processors. Some choose to use the fastest technology available. Large and Oversize Scanning equipment is extremely expensive. X Ray scanning equipment is very specialized and rare in many places throughout the world.

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1.  Take a moment to consider exactly what type of document you will be scanning. Prices differ on size because the equipment used is different for each size.

  • under 8.5 X 11 – Post it notes, business cards, Polaroids, 5 X 7, etc
  • 8.5 X 11 inch documents
  • 11 x 17 inch documents
  • Over size is anything above 11 x 17 - Engineering Drawings, Maps, Architectural Drawings, Posters, Large Photos or Art.
  • X Ray documents – Medical X Rays, Pipeline X Rays, Weld X Rays,

2. Color documents versus black and white. Many companies have different scanning prices for color versus black and white

  • Black and White
  • Color – Typically more expensive

3. You then need to figure out the quantity. Advanced Resolutions will issue a volume discount if you’d like to scan over a certain amount. Think about the details for each page – Do the backsides of each page need to be scanned? This is called duplex. 

  • File cabinets drawers vary based on their height and width – Call us for help with your estimate
  • A typical bankers box can have between 2,000 and 3,000 documents
  • A large bankers box may have as much as 4,500 documents
  • Simplex – One side of the page
  • Duplex – Both Sides of the page

4. The hourly rates it costs for scanning labor will vary by location. On-site versus Off-site has different costs associated with each. For example, our high production center is set up for optimization. We have specialized desks, computers, scanning equipment, document processing areas, etc. We scan over 100,000 documents every day.

5. Find out the typical scanning industry expenses

  • 8.5 x 11 typically will cost you between .02 cents and .90 cents*
  • 11 x 17 typically will be more expensive than 8.5 x 11*
  • Oversize documents typically will cost between $2.00 dollars and $30 dollars*
  • X Ray typically will cost between $20 dollars and $100 dollars*
Advanced Resolutions includes many non-standard items into your scanning project free of charge. All of our signature scanning services includes the following:
  1. Scanned in high detail 300 DPI – This DPI will be great for 99% of the paper that you have. 
  2. 100% of documents pass through a review stage by each technician. Many of the documents get review again through the processing stage by more sets of eyes. 
  3. 99.8% accuracy for image quality, orientation, completeness, clarity, and indexing/coding. 
  4. Barcode Tracking within our system – So if you need a particular document through the scanning process, we can find it extremely fast. 
  5. CD/DVD -or- Flash drive – Direct delivery to your hands. No third party shipper used -(if you are in our general service territory)

*Final prices will depend widely on the options that you choose at the end of your scanning process. The items below will typically cost you extra per document.

  • Scanned on Date stamp
  • High Prep – High amounts of staples
  • Doc Naming
  • Bates Numbering
  • OCR
  • ICR
  • High DPI (Dots per Inch, e. g. 300 or above)
  • Indexing
  • Smart doc techology – Barcodes -or QR codes added for easy searchibility.
  • File Naming
  • DICOM Format
  • DICONDE Format
  • Cloud Service Access

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