From the Job-site to the Office to your Home.

When projects start, your documents become your road-map to finishing on time and on budget.

Are you looking for an experienced scanning company to provide you with all services surrounding your document processing? Look no further. Advanced Resolutions can streamline your engineering or construction project workflow from concept to completion.

With our speedy scanning experts, the challenge of capturing, storing, sharing, and distributing a project’s documents with various involved parties is effortless. In addition, document quality is preserved in an environment where paper condition could otherwise be compromised.

When you work with AR, you’ll get things done. Our Project Management background will impress even the most efficient project manager.

Tired of carrying around all those Large Drawings?  - Look more professional by going digital.

Got lots of oversize documents? Architectural and Engineering Blueprints, Construction project files, 11″ X 17″,  24″ X 35″ – all done efficiently with our high tech oversize scanning equipment. Learn more here…

Do you need a dependable system to house all your large project documents? Try our Documents on Demand program. From your iPad, iPhone, Android – you name it, access your critical blueprints in the field, on the job-site.  Learn more here…

Learn about our iPad & Large Document Training program. We will teach you how to impress your entire Job site by going digital.

Easier Audits

Auditors consistently hit growing companies and limit their growth during an audit. Excel your company forward and surprise the feds with a searchable database for all the documents they desire.

Better Scan Quality

Check out just some of our options for scanning your images. Learn more here…

  • On-site or off-site services
  • Document prep and reassembly
  • Multiple output formats
  • bates numbering 
  • You name it, we will make it happen for you. 

X-Ray Scanning

Are you looking for information about scanning your construction or engineering related X-Rays? Learn more here…