Your Database Available on Any Device. Anywhere. Anytime.

For our business our partners requested a way to search their digital documents with custom search types with access from the field, from their offices, from their smart phones, from their tablets. What did we say? Sure no problem.

Since then we’ve developed a highly scale-able custom web interface so partners can cleanly access their physical records from any device. This SaaS based application features replicated servers that are far removed from each other to ensure safety. Users can securely login and search for their documents. Some partners have set up custom edit fields to track the use of a document.

Screen Shot of the Search Page

SaaS – Software as a Service

Software as a Service is a great concept. You wont need to update your software as new releases come out. There is not need for upfront capital expenditures. SaaS is completely compatible with your existing system; no need to purchase additional hardware or software. All you need is an internet connection and and an internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. What does this mean for you?

  • No maintenance costs
  • No expensive tech support
  • No software upgrade/ update fees

Your costs are a simple and manageable subscription fee, that’s all. Training and implementation is included.

Our Speed Kills

No matter if your project has 3,000 documents or over 3,000,000 you will have high speed access to your documents. Guaranteed. We understand in today’s world that things need to be delivered fast. That’s why our connection speeds are as fast as they can be. Documents will download as fast as they would if they were located on your computer.

Industry Standard Security

Our encryption technology is based on industry standards. You wont find a reason to worry about your confidential documents. All employees that handle your records have been background cleared and are required to abide by their Non Disclosure Agreements that we update periodically.

Serious Server Power

You’ll get a server system that is top notch. Our Servers feature lightning-fast processors, plenty of Bandwidth for your traffic, and Intel Core i7 processors, all available  24/7. With a 99.9% up-time Guarantee, you can feel confident about your information being dependable.

Start to Finish: From your Database to a Custom Searchable Online Interface

Do you need a way for your internal or external employees or even customers to access your database information? Use our technical experience to set your outfit up with an entire digital strategy. From scanning your documents, to creating a database to accessing them via your custom web interface. Advanced Resolutions can handle the entire experience for you. Our Project Management background will ensure that your project will get done fast!

You’ll have options. You may choose to hold your data on our dedicated systems. Your documents will be fully cloud based with access from your laptops, tablets, and smart phones. You may choose to have your own dedicated server with your own custom login and searching parameters. You may have your interface built to mimic your companies web design or choose to market it with a new design scheme.

Our Cloud Database experts have great experience with databases. We can train your team to completely manage/edit your database. With little technical experience the interfaces we use are almost as easy to you as your gmail account.