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Pipeline Integrity Management can be made easier. No matter which program your involved with TIMP, DIMP, or SHRIMP. No matter what size LDC you work with, accessing your files digitally has become the industry standard. The first step in creating a solid Integrity Management program is taking an assessment of your files.

MAOP Verification can be easier! 

Advanced Resolutions has created digital MAOP records for multiple operators and consulting companies. Learn more here…

Step #1 – Know What You Have in the Ground

GIS integration, GSR records, GPS, HCA, PDA, Areial Imagery, Risk Analysis, Risk Ranking, Leak Survey documents…How does one efficiently manage all the records, documents, maps, drawings, images, inspections, readings, tests, repairs, leaks? By creating a cloud based, organized electronic depository for your systems records, engineers or consultants can access your files from any office in the world. Many operators records are widely distributed throughout the company. Incorporating an operators records from multiple offices doesn’t need to be challenging. We use our off-site scanning services to come to any of your satellite locations across the United States.

Access to Records in the Field from the Cloud. Via Tablet. Via Smart Phone.

Does that sound like the future? Right now we can provide you with Cloud access to any type of records, even oversize maps or drawings. Imagine an easy to access webpage to access your files with custom searching parameters. You tell us how you want it done!

Check out our online Document Hosting Solution for Gas Operators here…

The Details:

First we assembled a scanning project in which we simply and quickly scanned their records at their site. Then our Processing Center extracted five fields of data from each document. Our Database Development Crew organized and created a database. Then our Web Development Crew created a Custom Web Interface. Now the customer can access their files via any connected device. For screen shots and more information follow the link here: Custom Cloud Based Database Development.

Expanded PHMSA Data Request Regulatory Requirements: Don’t be Unhappy.

Everyone within the Industry knows that regulations are getting more and more serious as our aging pipeline infrastructe gets older. PHMSA is close to expanding IM past HCA zones. As PHMSA gets closer and closer to creating system wide IM policies, you can feel rest assured that a digital system will impress them. Digital pipeline records will speed though verification processes.

We Will Come to You

Upon creating a Pipeline Scanning Project, we can manage the process from beginning to end. Our project management background has led our company to faster return of your files. Delivery of your files can be fully customized to multiple locations or formats. We can take over scheduling, organizing and delivery of files to your headquarter office.

Some operators choose for us to scan the files and let us load them into their Document Management System. So you can sit back and check your files as they enter your computer. Don’t let your creative ideas be limited by a standard scanning company. We will consult freely with you to help you develop the program of your choice.