Optimize Your Resources.
Enhance Your Opportunities.

Make the Most of Human Resources

Your company’s employees were hired to contribute their valuable expertise, talent and skills to help develop key areas of the business. By outsourcing activities such as document imaging and management, you can help your employees focus on what they do best.

In addition, you’ll ensure that your documents are professionally handled by imaging experts who are trained for the job. And you only have to pay for the technicians you need.

Minimize Corporate Expense

Advanced Resolutions offers affordable corporate document services that help can keep your department budgets in line. In fact, our service rates are highly competitive—and offer the best value, considering our state-of-the-art equipment, processes and trained personnel.

Even better, we’ve honed our services so that we can accomplish the work for way less than what it would cost our clients.

Free Up Management Time

Large document scanning projects take up an enormous amount of management time. We have professionally trained staff to ensure the success of each project, so your managers can redirect their attention to other critical tasks.

Maximize Quality and Accuracy by Focusing on your Core

Best of all, Advanced Resolutions ensures that your document scanning and capture projects are done right the first time. We pride ourselves on the high level of quality work with provide. It ensures that your valuable information stays intact. And allows your company to continue doing business without unnecessary delays due to poor document viability.

Specialize in what you do best. When companies succeed, its because they are the best in world at doing one thing.

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