Book Scanning is about Preservation

Advanced Resolutions provides Book Scanning Services to help readership accessibility. Preservation from the Liberians perspective or the readers point of view – it doesnt matter. Preserving old books that are no longer in print has become an affordable option.

When books are available electronically, eternal preservation and widespread readership availability are possible. Do you have large oversize Books that need special handling? We can handle all sizes, styles, ages, etc.

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Careful Handling – Guaranteed

Our technicians know that keep the original integrity of your books is important. That is why we offer two different options for our Book Scanning Services:

1. Book Scanning with binding Preservation

  • For this service, our technicians use a simple flatbed – much like the one you have probably seen on a MFD at your office or local/school library.
  • Technicians will flip each page carefully while each page is digitally preserved at the definition of your choice. FAQ: Which DPI is best for me? 
  • Positive: Preserves exact electronic duplicate of your book – the original book is returned to you in the same manner you gave to us.
  • Negative: Higher Cost to scan. This is because a flatbed generally scans about 7.5 documents per minute. Our ADF method scans at 130 per minute.

2. Book Scanning with binding Destruction

  • For this service, our technicians us an ADF (automatic document feeder) that loads up large stacks of paper and scans each image at a high speed.
  • Technicians carefully destruct the binding of the book and essentially create a ream of clean paper. This ream of paper is placed in the ADF for scanning.
  • Positive: Preserves exact electronic duplicate of your book. Price is optimized because this method can scan at 130 documents per minute.
  • Negative: The book is no longer preserved. The pages can be rebound if there is enough margin space – or a flip book can be created with plastic sleeves

From the San Francisco Bay Area to Bakersfield - Book Scanning is available anywhere in California.

Our Book scanning services are available throughout our entire service area. Check out the California cities that we have scanned documents in the past here – Cities Served