Dynamic Data Capture. Down to the Details.

No matter what kind of data you need to extract from your paper or electronic files, we can capture it. Advanced Resolutions combines the latest data capture technology and manual keying techniques to ensure you receive the highest standards of accuracy possible. We are a small business that is invested in the success of your business, therefore our performance is guaranteed. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

A Federal Record Survey asked 100 Record managers the typical problems that they dealt with in 2012. The survey revealed that the chief causes of blown records budgets come from:

  • Too many records – A single federal agency manages an average of 209 million records; government-wide, agencies manage approximately 8.4 billion records.
  • Runaway information growth – The number of records per agency is expected to grow to 511 million by 2015, an increase of 144 percent over current records volume.
  • Multiple information types – 47% of all records are electronic, while 41% of records are created electronically but managed in a paper format.
  • A D-I-Y approach – 62% of federal records managers use in-house systems, as 60% of federal finance professionals say problems with managing records hinders agency operations.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Content Management Services (CMS)

With our experience in data integration and document management our staff knows that no business are alike. That’s why our ECM solutions can be customized to match your processes and information requirements. We prepare our entire process to make sure its customer oriented.

Digital Data Capture includes:

Custom programming - We develop one-of-a-kind programming scripts to extract your information using data fields and filters

Data Entry - Data Entry for large amounts of fields can be performed at any small to large scales. We have teams of people working on Data Entry each day.

Data migration - We migrate your data to any specified location, from text files to databases. And we’ll format it to your specifications, too.

Forms - We use two leading technologies:

  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Paper Data Capture includes:

All Types of Text - This includes both visible and hidden text in:

  • Adobe PDFs, PDF/A
  • Microsoft Word documents
  • Other text formats

Barcodes - We scan and read virtually any kind of code

Unusual Fonts - or- Extremely small fonts – We manually key in creative fonts and double validate the data

Whatever type of data capture you need—paper or electronic—you’ll enjoy the many benefits of our fast and efficient professional services.

    Do you have file size restrictions with your FTP system? We have solutions.

Tell me the Benefits of an efficient Records Management System.

Records enable and support a companies work to fulfill its mission. Every organization must address objectives that add value, either by achieving the organization’s goals or by reducing costs. Since records contain information, a valuable resource, it is essential to take a systematic approach to the management of records. Records management:

  • Avoids unnecessary purchases of office equipment
    • Store your data on our servers and access the information anywhere in the world with a simple internet connection
  • Provides better documentation more efficiently and allows for quicker retrieval of documents and information from files
    • eDocs can move accross a flat or highly bureaucratic company much easier than a physical document
  • Contributes to the smooth operation of your companies programs by making the information needed for decision making and operations readily available
    • Cloud access to your information provides easy access for multiple offices
  • Helps deliver services in a consistent and equitable manner
    • Better documentation facilitates effective performance of activities throughout a company
  • Protects the rights of the company, its employees, and its customers  and provides protection and support in litigation
    • Documentation along all parts of a project becomes important during legal matters
  • Provides continuity in the event of a disaster
    • Backed up or duplicated data was one way companies thrived immediately following hurricane Sandy
  • Protects records from inappropriate and unauthorized access
    • Security measures on an eDoc is simple to implement, physical documents can be authorized with secure retention policies
  • Meets statutory and regulatory requirements including archival, audit, and oversight activities
    • Common audit procedures can be met using eDocs – More information from the SEC here
  • Frees up office space for other purposes by moving inactive records to storage facilities
    • Improves office efficiency and productivity