Oversize Documents Scanned Efficiently

Are you holding on to large numbers of drafted documents such as maps, engineering/construction drawings, schematics or blueprints? Considering the use of our large format scanning services could be a huge benefit to the working of your company. Handling your documents has never been easier!

You will be able to search your oversize documents by any way you prefer. Job Number. Invoice Number. Customer name. Date. You name it and you will be able to search for it. After some light training, your new document sifting efficiency will allow you to focus more on your core and less time spent on thumbing through your documents.

We have invested in many oversize scanners to help digitize millions of oversize documents. Our imaging professionals have optimized their oversize scanning techniques to get your files scanned and archived quickly.

AR can help you do it all, including:

Turn to Advanced Resolutions On-site or Off-site services for a comprehensive range of large and wide format services – Details below…

We offer everything from a single over-sized scan to a complete package of bid sets — including engineering prints and architectural plans and specifications — to help ensure your firm looks professional while helping you design, bid and build effectively.

Typical Oversize Scanning Costs

There are many options for you to consider before you lock in prices for scanning your oversize documents. What condition are they in? Are they accessible?  What type of storage device are they stored in? Oversize documents typically will cost between $2.00 and $30.00. Your price will vary heavily on the specific conditions they are in as well as your volume. Learn more about your pricing options here…

Large Format Scanning Made Easy

If your business is the home of a large number of drawings that are very hard to store -and- have on hand when you need them, you will benefit from large format scanning. By using large format scanning to save any kind of drawing such as blue prints, engineering drawings, surveys, plans, maps and even newspaper archives you will streamline your business storage and communications.

Scanning documents at the office is a fairly simple process. The problem lies when documents are too large to be scanned in a single pass on your local scanning device. Thanks to stitching and panoramic software, images can be scanned in parts and stitched together to automatically combine them into a single document or image. This process often takes far to much effort and time for the received results. Your time is better spent focusing on your core money making activity. Learn more about time optimization…

A better option for you would be to use our oversize scanning services. We will come to your location with a clean and professional scanning team. Using our resources and experience, we can minimize the amount of time spent in your office with a multiple machine set-up.

Are you concerned that the details on your large drawings wont be preserved?

We have experience with all sorts of large format drawings. The DPI (Dots per Inch) we use will preserve the most vital details on your drawings. Your DPI options include:

  • 100 DPI – Least Detail & Faster Scan
  • 200 DPI
  • 300 DPI – Average DPI
  • 400 DPI
  • 500 DPI
  • 600 DPI – Most Detail & Slower Scan

Oversize Black & White and Color Scanning Services

  • Produce oversized scans at a very detailed 600 dpi
  • Scanning in black & white or color
  • 11″ X 17″ to 48″ X 48″ and everything in between. We often encounter larger sizes then 48″ X 48″, our experts can stitch the digital image together back to perfection.

There are a few simple and convenient ways to do it.

  • On-Site services – Let us come to you and we will take care of them for you.
  • Off-Site services – Drop it off  -or- deliver it here in Martinez CA at our production facility where we can optimize the scanning to get them back ASAP
Please call our team for inquiries – (925) 482-8337