Non-Destructive Testing/ NDE made simple.

Non-Destructive testing is the preferred method for examinations because there is no need to “destruct” the material being tested. Using our industry leading NDT/NDE scanning equipment, our team will efficiently digitize any amount of X-Rays to any quality you choose. Our safe and secure processing facility will keep your fragile X- Ray films private. We can output your digital files in any format you wish. One of the newer misunderstood formats is the DICONDE format. Companies that are governed by compliance need to store their files in certain formats such as DICONDE and DICOM.

What is DICONDE all about? Read this information from the experts at ASTM. Check out the evolution timeline of the DICONDE format. Below is more information on our DICONDE software.

1/3 of a 30 Inch Pipeline X-Ray Film

Radiographic Testing (RT)

Radiography (X-ray) is one of the most important, versatile and widely accepted of all the nondestructive examination methods. Radiography is a form of nondestructive testing that uses X-Ray and Gamma Ray. RT is commonly used in many different fields. For example, within the Welding Industry, RT is the preferred method for detecting internal imperfections, for measuring wall thickness and for detection of corrosion.  After development of the film, thickness and material imperfections will show as blackness differences, which gives inspectors the information they need to certify a weld was done to specifications. The permanent film record of the internal conditions will show the basic information by which weld soundness can be determined. Often times digitizing the film is the simplest way to preserve and inspect the subject.

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

Ultrasonic testing is a process involving the use of sound waves to measure imperfections or changes within a material, such as a gas pipeline. Pulse echo, is the most popular form. Pulse Echo uses bursts of sound waves that are emitted from the ultrasonic machine then bounce off a material then return to the ultrasonic machine. The time it takes the sound waves to bounce back are measured then recorded into a visual format. Imperfections are often seen as spikes in the graph or image.

State of the Art Digitizing Equipment.


Vidar System Corporation has established itself as the leading X-Ray Digitizing Manufacturer. We choose Vidar’s NDT Pro Industrial Film Digitizer because of Vidar’s notorious quality reputation. The NDT PRO was specially made to handle virtually any length and width of X-Ray film. Extra Long Pipeline weld X-Rays for instance are no problem. Vidar’s Manufacturing facility has conformed to ISO-9001:2008


Take a short read on Strategies for Solving the “Film Problem”


Some typical X-Rays include:

  • Concrete Construction
  • Casting NDT
  • Composite NDT or Aerospace NDT
  • Pipeline Welds
  • Ship Hull Welds
  • Radiographic Art NDT
  • Analytical
  • Medical
  • Chiropractic
  • Podiatry
  • Dental
  • Veterinary
  • Mammography
  • Electron Microscope

TigerView Software

TigerView’s proprietary adaptive image processing routine ensures the best image quality. High-resolution images from phosphor plate technology, utilizing full 16-bit grayscale output (65,535 shades) guarantees unparalleled diagnostic quality. TigerView has DICOM and DICONDE conformance. Advanced Resolutions provides a software viewer for each DICONDE image. A viewer will allow your team to adjust and modify X-Ray images to thousands of Gray shades. Engineers and NDT experts love that the images they receive from Advanced Resolutions can be altered to their own custom settings.

How Fragile are your X-Rays?

The National Archives classify’s X-Ray film as one of the most  fragile documents to store. Because of its properties, X-Ray Films must be preserved under strict temperature and humidity controls. Some X-Rays are Nitrate based which means they are extremely flammable.

Can you not find a local XRay Scanning vendor?

If your files are not at our facility, or your film is located in a different state or city, we can pick up your files or you can send them using a qualified third party shipper. Quickly and accurately, we will create digital images of your X-Rays. Images may returned to you via hard-drive, email, or by our cloud based file management system.

This type of service is preferred by folks looking to get production quality scanning done accurately from a remote location or constrained with a tight deadline. We strive for a 48-hour turnaround time during regular business hours, from request to delivery. During after hours, weekends, holidays, the turnaround time may be longer.

How much will it cost?

How much does it cost to scan your X-Ray documents? XRay Scanning equipment is extremely specialized and expensive. Check out our Ballpark Estimates. Please call our friendly team for any questions regarding the digital preservation of your X-Rays.