Document Imaging. Done Right.

Our most popular service is document scanning because it’s the best thing we do. No matter what the volume, your project will receive:

1.The best personalized service

2. High speeds

  • Our top of the line scanners and software can push documents through our production pipeline at around 120 documents per minute

3. High accuracy ratios

  • We have continually delivered digital images complete with coding back to our partners with accuracy ratios above 99.8%

Choose Your Scanning Location

We offer convenient on-site or off-site scanning, around the clock 24/7:

On-Site Scanning

Our On-Site Scanning services are our most requested service. We come to your location with all the necessary tools to construct a mini production center- all document processing, indexing and coding can take place at your specified location, this way all of your most vital documents stay inside your walls. Learn More Here…


– Ideal for companies that need constant access and control of their records and information. Our mobile scanning teams work at your office, which also helps you save money in shipping and receiving costs.

Off-Site Scanning

Our off-site scanning services take place at our securely controlled high production center. Here we have optimized production levels to return your documents and electronic images back to you as fast as possible. Our background screened employees know it’s vital to keep your information secure.


– A smart choice when you want to save office space. Our secure, off-site location features a controlled environment that uses a bar-coded inventory tracking system to quickly locate any document as necessary. Ensure the security of your documents by using our Chain of Custody Guarantee, and enjoy the added level of convenience.

Mobile Scanning

Mobile Scanning is a hybrid between our on-site and off-site scanning. We will come to the location of your choice and setup our production center inside either our mobile trailer -OR- our portable office. Depending on the space allotments at your location one may be better than the other. Click here to learn more…


No more scheduling conflicts, no more hassling about conference room space. Parking lot space or an extra side yard and a path to your documents is really all that is needed. We can even bring our own power, bathroom and internet.

How We Work

When you hire Advanced Resolutions as your document scanning and management service, you’ll work closely with one of our professional project managers to assess the entire scope, schedule and costs of your project. Your project manager will expertly oversee the job until it is completed to your satisfaction.

Interested to know more about how a digital strategy will work for you? Read our white paper on Going Digital.

Proven Expertise – Proven Satisfaction

Have a large and complex document-imaging project coming up with a fast turnaround? Not a problem. We offer the state-of-the-art scanning and indexing capabilities, proven project management expertise, and available manpower to easily help you meet your company’s project requirements and deadline—on time and on budget.

Choosing to use scanning services for your business is a decision that will free valuable space in your office where you can house additional staff members to help your business run more smoothly. The ease with which you will be able to access these documents far outweighs the cost that you will pay to have the service performed.

You will never have to worry about losing another document again because you will always have fast access to the documents once they have been scanned. Additionally, you will not need to worry about the documents that take so very long to create being destroyed by such things as fire, flood or other unexpected and uncontrollable disasters.

Learn more about disaster preparedness…

We’ll Get Your Documents Ready

Our professionally trained team will:

  • Organize your documents by category
  • Prepare them for the scanner
  • Track the documents (So we can find them during the scanning process if you need them immediatly)
  • Put them back together after scanning
  • Verify accuracy and quality of scanned images
Labeling Options include:
  • Scanned Stamp
  • Scan on date Stamp
  • Sequential Numbering
  • Bates Numbering
  • Smart Paper
  • Barcodes

Convert to TIFF, PDF and Other File Formats

We work with all types of media: