Flexibility for your Location

Our mobile production center can be set up virtually in any type of space. We are used to coming into an office and examining the space allotments, then organizing a plan to craft the best possible output. Because of the confidential nature of your documents Scanning at your office makes the the most sense.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee applies to the appearance of our mobile set-up. We understand you have a business to run and your internal employee health and external customer perception is of most vital importance. We wont compromise appearance during our scanning project. Our clean and professional employees are best at accommodating your personal requests. Such examples include:

  • After hours scanning to not interrupt your daily operations
  • Pausing the machines for a conference call
  • Tight scanning areas
  • Maintain an extremely clean scanning station
  • Using your project managers for integration or perception ease
  • Wearing your company apparel

Minimizing impact on your Daily Operations

Often times, office space comes at premium. Minimizing the interruption spent inside your office is a priority. We can even bring in our own desks to set up an open area. Lunch areas are often popular areas to use.

Partial On-Site / Partial Off-Site

Often times, scanning projects will contain confidential information and non-confidential information. Though they are often mixed together, our teams can sort through your documents and take the non-confidential documents back to our Off-Site location for optimized scanning if you wish to receive a faster turn around.

Generally, but not in every case – doc-typing and/or coding is done at our production facility because our mobile scanning equipment is optimized with just scanning software. 

Don’t have the room for a scanning operation inside your office? Use our access controlled production facility at our off site location.