Quality Assurance and Quality Control Procedures

Quality Commitment – Achieving Excellence

Our vision of quality uses a basis of All Seeing Eyes, utilizing a multi-tiered approach to analyze, correct, and prevent creating a proactive quality system resulting in exceptional service performance.

Our QC components include: 

  • A committed and vested team
  • Excellence action steps
  • Level of excellence assessment criteria
  • Inspections to identify excellence
  • Analysis, correction and prevention

We understand that to achieve Excellence the entire team plays a vital role to reach our goal of exceptional service. Our team members are rewarded for above and beyond quality creating a vested interest in their results.

Our ALL SEEING EYES will Achieve Excellence for You!

Our QA inspections include: 

Inspections are conducted on a random, scheduled and as concerns are received.

Inspection of services for

  • quality
  • timeliness
  • documentation
  • inspection of administration
  • timekeeping
  • security procedures
  • uniform and badging
  • on-site documentation – contracts, modifications, completion reports, daily reports, etc.

All inspections conducted are documented and analyzed to correct and prevent future occurrence. Each concern follows a systematic response to assure the concern is validated, re-worked, analyzed, documented and assured closed.

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  • Scanning/ imaging processes
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  • Our QC review process
  • Our subjective and objective quality tools
  • Security procedures

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