Get Going Digital

Have you still not upgraded your Aperture Cards, Microfilm, and Microfiche to digital format? New production for these types of legacy formats have reached near extinction. Purchasing machinery to view the hidden data may not make sense from a financial position. Outsourcing has many costs advantages when deciding to digitize your vital data. Check out more information on Outsourcing.

Historical Preservation?

Do you have a historical data preservation project that needs to procure the information hidden in old formats before they deteriorate? For years, Aperture Cards, Microfilm, and Microfiche have been been the trusted source to preserve historical data. Advanced Resolutions can efficiently scan your information and preserve them indefinitely.


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Get your Data Organized, for Financial sake.

An unorganized Microfilm, or Microfiche storage area may be costing you more time and money than its worth. If your thinking about digitizing your collection, think about the chart below: By calculating the average hourly wage of part-time and full-time office employees  and the overall number of “office professionals” documented by the U.S. Census,  Brother determined that over $177 billion is  wasted overall each year looking for misplaced items in the office and on the  computer, which may drastically impact the bottom-line for large companies and  small businesses alike.


Bring Back the Luster of those Legacy Images

Many times we can bring back images that have began their natural deterioration. Accidentally, Microfilm, and Microfiche were stored incorrectly throughout their life and have lost some quality. Many people don’t realize how great image reconstruction technology has become. Many historically important government records have been returned to their previous quality when they were first created.

Conversion to a digital preservation medium involves the expertise of trained professionals. Many aspects surround details like grey scale imaging and attention to pixels and how to best turn them into legible images.

Get those files into Circulation or Protect them

Just like our options for Paper and X-Ray documents, you may choose to export your data in any format you choose. The data can be uploaded to a cloud server that your employees can login for access. The files can be sent into your document management system or the files can be transferred to you via an external hard drive.

If your files require protection, we recommend that you choose a duplicate system. Choose two different servers to back-up your information.

We can work with any type of media. Some of the more typical Microfilm formats include:

Local and State Government

  • Title documents
  • Maps, county circuit court, vital records, probate county recorder/register of deeds, records, court documents
  • Libraries and museum archives
  • Voter registration documents
  • Department of Transportation records
  • Police records
  • Student records

Title Companies

  • Property records
  • Prior policies

Banks and Credit Unions

  • Applications
  • Loan files
  • Signature cards
  • Checks
  • Member files


  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Human resource files

Engineering and manufacturing

  • Plans and maps

Federal Government

  • Military records
  • DD214
  • Contracts

Hospitals / healthcare facilities

  • Medical records


  • Policy membership files
  • Life insurance files
  • Policy files
  • Underwriting files claims
  • Property files
  • Casualty files
  • Workers compensation

Microfiche formats:

  • Microfiche
  • COM Microfiche
  • Jackets

Aperture Card formats include:

  • Hollerith Code
  • Non-Hollerith Code

16/35 mm roll formats include:

  • 100 ft and 215 ft
  • Blipped
  • Un-Blipped

We are here to Help

A simple mistake done at the production level could make a huge impact on the quality of the final product. It is also important to know how much time will be spent in production. You do not want to have to wait too long for the task to be completed. On the other hand, you do not want a firm that gives you great speed in production but at the expense of quality work. Both factors are equally important.

Keep in mind that some information could determine the future of not only you, your business, or your community; it could have an impact on mankind and the development of new technology or medical advancements. Seek the experts you trust to show you past work and assure you of constant communication during the entire process.