Outsource for a Digital Platform

Enjoy the Benefits.

Have you been thinking about outsourcing your project? On the fence about doing the project in-house? Let us help you along. Certainly, you must have thought about the positives and negatives of either side. This is the list of negative impacts that we have heard from companies or individuals that choose to do their project in-house:

  • Equipment challenges
  • Logistical challenges
  • Security challenges
  • Equipment Maintenance challenges
  • Regulatory compliance challenges
  • Productivity Concerns
  • Setup
  • Change Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Staff Management and Training
  • Valuable Office Space
  • IT Compliance challenges

Keep your most vital resources happy.

Your employees should concentrate on what they do best. At this point you have most likely have done the research to know that performing a digital transition yourself, or taking up your employees time is inefficient. The rate at which you pay to your employees/co-workers to do their tasks is far more than what it takes to outsource the labor.

The Worlds Outsourcing Summit has categorized the top reasons why companies choose to outsource business services. Among them are the topics that Project Managers, Owners and Executives love to hear – Reducing Costs and Focusing on what they do best.

Save Money and Time

Outsource your document service so that you can save money and time – its that simple. You find the best people possible to work for your business, use Advanced Resolutions, because we are the best.

What can a digital records system do for your organization? Think of the most efficient affordable way to access your companies vital information and most descriptions will include: content in the cloud, CRM, ECM, ERP, EDM, BPM, tablet and mobile access, secure, quick, backed-up, efficient, easy to learn, searchable documents, accountable, customer service, etc.

Many companies beginning the going digital transformation are often overwhelmed by confusing and/or conflicting terms. The process is much more simple than you may think.

Has your vendor has performed background checks?

Outsourcing labor sometimes holds a negative connotation because labor practices in other countries aren’t as stringent as they are here in the United States.  If you choose to outsource your digital project, be careful to certify that the company you are using has safe employee practices. An outsourced labor incident can cost a lot for large companies.

Ask questions to the companies you have chosen to perform your transformation.

  • How are they efficient?
  • How do they manage production lines?
  • Where is their labor performed?
  • How safe and secure is their facility?
  • How do the labor laws look like in that country?
  • What have they done to prevent injuries or illnesses for their workforce?
  • Have their employees been screened?

We have the capabilities.

The technology curve moves quickly in our industry. We will continue to research the quickest and most accurate ways to scan and process files. Our equipment is updated or replaced when faster or more quality upgrades become available. Our strategy is to deliver projects back to the customer before each deadline. This satisfies the customer better and enhances our image. Also, our security standards and procedures meet with ISO/IEC 27002:2005.